Nexus 4 gets Android 6.0 Marshmallow thanks to CyanogenMod

Following the lead of devices like the Moto X 2014, the three year-old Nexus 4 has become the latest Android smartphone to see a CyanogenMod 13 release.

Weighing in at about 277MB, the update is notable in that it allows Nexus 4 owners to upgrade their phone to Android Marshmallow. Due to Google’s recently revised Nexus upgrade policy, the Nexus 4 is set stay, at least officially, at Android 5.1.1 for the foreseeable future. For those brave souls willing to flash their own phone, this let’s them keep one of the more unique looking smartphones released in the past few years software relevant for at least a little while longer.

Like all initial CyanogenMod releases, this is a so-called “nightly build,” which means a stable operating experience is not guaranteed. It should go without saying, but download and install this update at your own risk.

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