Facebook Messenger hits 800 million user milestone

Messenger, Facebook’s dedicated chat app, now has more than 800-million active monthly users, the company announced today

Facebook doesn’t mention the exact date the service crossed the milestone, but does note it happened sometime toward the end of 2015. In November 2014, the last time Facebook reported on Messenger’s usage numbers, 500-million people were using the app on a daily basis.


To add additional perspective, it means the majority of Facebook’s mobile user base is launching Messenger at least once a month to chat with their friends and family. According to the company’s latest self-reported statistics (dated this past September), 1.55-billion people visit the social network at least once a month, and 1.39-billion people do so using a mobile device.

It’s an impressive number, especially when one considers the fact Facebook’s other chat platform, WhatsApp, hit 900 million users this past September. However, it’s also a number that’s not surprising given the fact Facebook forced it users to download the app if they wanted to continue using the platform’s chat functionality on a smartphone.