Huawei’s new ‘Elegant’ and ‘Jewel’ smartwatches in photos

Earlier this week, Huawei unveiled two new models of its Watch, an Android Wear-powered smartwatch originally released last year.

Dubbed Huawei Watch ‘Elegant’ and Huawei Watch ‘Jewel’, the models are aimed at women, an increasingly common strategy in the crossover fashion wearables market.

Coming to Canada in the March timeframe, the company partnered with Swarovski for the Jewel, which features 68 1.5mm Zirconia crystals around the 44mm rose gold bezel. The Elegant has the same general design and 10mm leather band, but has a knurled bezel instead of jewels.

Both watches will come with some 40 faces, including 10 “exclusive feminine designs.” 



Image credit: Ted Kritsonis