Instagram’s director of product joins Oculus Rift team

Oculus Rift

Peter X. Deng, Instagram’s director of product, has left the company to become head of product management at another Facebook-owned company, Oculus.

“There are very few companies that have the opportunity to define the future of how we interact with each other and with the world,” writes Deng in a Facebook post. “There are many exciting challenges ahead: innovating across hardware and software, defining new UI/UX paradigms, enabling a powerful platform for developers and users, and helping to mentor and grow a team of talented product managers.”

Deng has worked at Instagram since mid-2013 and has been with Facebook since early 2007. At Facebook, Deng primarily worked on Facebook’s Chat, Groups and Messenger.

Given Deng’s history at Facebook and Instagram, it’s expected his new position at Oculus will be focused on building out the platform’s social media functionality.

In the past, Deng spent time at Microsoft and Google.