Shopify’s point-of-sale solution finally makes long awaited jump to Android

Shopify Android POS

After being available on iOS for a number of years, Shopify’s mobile point of sale system is finally making the jump to Android.

Announced today, the mobile accessory allows merchants to use their Android smartphone or tablet to accept credit card payments. Unlike recently announced card readers from Square and FreshBooks, the company’s POS is not capable of reading modern EMV-equipped credit chips.

So for the time being, Shopify merchants will need to swipe any credit card their customers ask to use. On the plus side, the POS automatically integrates with the company’s platform, allowing merchants to manage their e-commerce and brick and mortar stores all from one place.

Shopify Android POS

Capable of accepting Visa, MasterCard and America Express cards, the device itself is free to order, though like other card readers on the market, there’s an interchange fee. In this case, the fee, which ranges from 2.7 to 2.2 percent, depends on how frequently the merchant uses the device.

Shopify wouldn’t comment on when it plans to update its point-of-sale terminal to support chip or touchless payments.