Google will soon let you install Android apps directly from search results

Android Police

Last month, Google introduced the ability to stream demos of Android apps. Now, the company seems poised to take things one step further, allowing users to install Android .apk files directly from Google search results.

Previously, searching for an Android app promoted users to enter the Google Play Store to download the file, then move through various permissions, but now, apps will download almost immediately from Google search results.

Android Police is reporting that when clicking on a search result, a pop-up appears, allowing users to go through the process of confirming installation permissions, directly from Google search. While a minor change to the usual method of installing Android apps, if there is a specific app you’re looking for, this new feature will likely be very convenient.

It’s unclear when the feature is set to roll out, but a number of users are already reporting that they have access to it. Google has yet to make an official announcement, but we’ll update the story when we know more.

Image credit: Android Police

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