The next version of Chrome will crunch data, and use power, more efficiently

Google’s browser optimization is second to none, and the Chrome team has lately shown no signs of slowing down. The company releases new versions of the Chrome browser every few weeks, and works very hard to reduce power consumption and data transfers for its users.

Google has been working on the next iteration of its data compression algorithm, called Brotli, since last fall. In addition to the potential to reduce file sizes by up to 26 percent, Google says the algorithm also reduces power usage on mobile devices. Brotli is described as using a ‘”new data format” that can maintain compression speeds, while being more efficient overall.

Brotli is available to try right now in Chrome Canary, the experimental version of Google Chrome. The algorithm is expected to appear in the next major version of the Chrome browser on all desktop and mobile versions of the app, so you’ll be able to try it out soon.

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