Google’s new Android weather cards are now available

Google Weather

Two weeks ago we wrote about the new weather cards Google had designed. At the time, it looked like the search giant was testing out the cards ahead of a more widespread rollout. Now those cards are slowly making their way out to all users.

For those who haven’t seen the redesign, the biggest change here is the new overall look of the cards. There’s a new frog mascot that hangs out at the bottom of the redesigned deck, and depending on the weather conditions, he/she will be taking part in a weather-appropriate activity. On a sunny day, for instance, the frog will hit the beach.

Google Weather Flow GIF

More significantly, Google has significantly upped the amount of information these cards now display. You’ll find weather and climate data, like hourly sky conditions, air quality, UV index, sunrise and sunset times and more. All told, after this redesign Google’s weather cards are on par with many of the dedicated weather apps found on Android and iOS.

To see the new cards, you’ll have to leave the confines of Google Now; for whatever reason, Google has decided not to include the redesigned cards inside of its personal assistant. However, tapping on the weather card in Google Now — as well as conducting a mobile search — will let you see the new cards. Some Android users may not be able to see them just yet. As with Google’s other search-related updates, the company is gradually rolling out the update.