App of the Week: PC Plus app saves you money on groceries

People say only two things are certain in life: death, and taxes.

In my experience, those people are forgetting about grocery shopping. If you shop for groceries at participating PC stores, like Loblaws or Superstore, you can save a little money and get notified when specific groceries can earn you PC points.


Once you sign up for a free PC Plus membership, you’ll be able to log into the app on Android or iOS to quickly access your membership card when you’re paying for groceries. You can even add the membership card to your Wallet on iOS. In case you weren’t aware, collecting PC points with your account saves you $20 on groceries with 20000 points, and that’s where this app starts to become really useful.

Other features in the app include a map of participating stores where users are able to redeem offers, a breakdown of recent shopping trips displaying points earned and money spent, and an overview of the tags, cards, and phones capable of earning or redeeming points on your account.

If you’ve already shopped at participating PC stores, but don’t have a membership or use the app, I strongly recommend it. A recent update means you don’t even have to claim these digital offers to earn points, you just have to open the app each week and they’ll load automatically.

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