Google plans to launch YouTube VR live streaming support: Report

In addition to speculation that Google is working on its own dedicated virtual reality headset, it seems the company might also have plans to launch 360-degree video live streaming on YouTube.

YouTube already offers immersive 360-degree experiences, primarily through Google’s virtual tours, but the company reportedly has plans to expand this functionality to allow virtual reality content to be live streamed through its video sharing platform, according to a report stemming from BuzzFeed.

In late August, YouTube expanded its pre-existing live-streaming functionality with the launch of YouTube Gaming, simplifying the process and placing an emphasis on the phenomenon where online personalities stream video game content to thousands of viewers.

Currently, specific 360-degree cameras are capable of live-streaming content, but the quality of their broadcasts isn’t spectacular. These streams are designed more to give 360-degree video creators a rough idea of what their content looks like, rather than stream to viewers.

Rumours have been swirling that Google is working on an upgraded version of its Cardboard VR headset, possibly called Cardboard++. If Google is working on a full-fledged headset, it’s not hard to consider that the company might be preparing to its own VR camera, putting relatively simple virtual reality video creation in the hands of millions of YouTube Content creators.

Earlier this week Samsung’s still unannounced Gear 360-degree camera leaked online, so it’s not as if Google is the first company to express interest in entering this space. At CES Nikon also revealed its first 360-degree action camera, the Keymission 360.