Canadian airlines aim to roll out WiFi access in more aircraft

air canada

There’s no question the Canadian airline industry lags behind its U.S. counterpart when it comes to in-flight Wi-Fi.

However, two of Canada’s largest airlines, Air Canada and WestJet, have plans to outfit the majority of their North American flights with Wi-Fi access this year.

Air Canada started rolling out Wi-Fi service in 2014 and has equipped 120 of its 129 single-aisle aircraft with Wi-Fi functionality. The airline also reportedly has plans to add Wi-Fi to its wide-body international aircraft in the future as well.

Not to be left behind, WestJet started rolling out WestJet Connect, the company’s own Wi-Fi and entertainment system, near the beginning of 2015. The airline reportedly offers Wi-Fi service on 30 percent of its aircraft, and expects internet to be available on most flights by the end of 2016.

In comparison, large American airlines like Delta and United offer Wi-Fi on more than 80 percent of its seat-miles. Air Canada only features Wi-Fi access in 18.53 per cent of the airline’s seat-miles.