Beck Taxi app now supports autopay functionality on iOS

Continuing its attempt to match Uber, Beck Taxi has updated its app to support more of the features available in the popular ride sharing app.

Beck’s app, now at version 2.2.15, has added support for automatic payments. Like Uber’s own app, Beck Taxi’s mobile offering will now automatically charge a user’s credit card once their trip is complete.

Launched last May, the Beck Taxi app was created by the historic taxi brokerage to better align its service offerings with main competitor Uber. The company has also since added new decals to its fleet of cabs, advertising the availability of the app to the general public.

The features added in this update have yet to make their way Beck Taxi’s Android app.

This weekend, the United Taxi Workers Association, a group which recently formed and is home to some 2,500 local taxi drivers, plans to hold a strike to protest the slow speed at which the City of Toronto has implemented new laws to govern Uber and other ride-sharing services.

Download the Beck Taxi app from the iTunes App Store.

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