Microsoft’s latest app is a fun, dog-filled showcase of the company’s image recognition software

Microsoft’s latest app, an offbeat effort called Fetch!, is here for all the dog lovers out there.

Developed by the company’s Garage lab, the small app development unit within Microsoft responsible for efforts like Tossup, Fetch! is capable parsing an image of a dog to determine its breed. To use the app, simply upload a photo from your iPhone’s photo library or one you just took and let the app do its magic.

At first blush, Fetch! doesn’t seem to have a lot of utility.

However, if this app is useful for anything, its great for showcasing just how far image recognition software has come in the past few years. As Motherboard points out, it’s possible to use to use Fetch! to determine the breed of a dogs that are even cleverly disguised. No simple feat when you consider some of the devious disguises dogs have donned in the past.

Fetch! is currently only available on iOS.