Samsung Galaxy S7 teaser video shows off wireless charging and waterproof casing

Just a few years ago, Samsung was so careful the design and specs of its latest flagship didn’t leak before their official launch date that its engineers lived a “double life,” promising not to communicate a single feature to family or friends. This was back when the Galaxy SIII was on the eve of release, and so far, the upcoming Galaxy S7 offers a vastly different experience for industry observers.

Various images and teaser videos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 have surfaced, but the latest comes directly from Samsung Indonesia. In a minute-long video released by the company, Indonesian athlete Dellie Threesyadinda seems to be holding the Galaxy S7 edge, or a smartphone that looks remarkably like leaks released early this week.

The video shows the still unannounced smartphone being used in several situations, such as outside during heavy rain, which confirms the device will likely be water resistance. Last year’s Samsung S6 flagship smartphones were not resistant to water, but the Galaxy S5 from 2014 was waterproof.


In addition, Samsung shows off the device’s wireless charging capabilities in the video, as well as S Health connected to the Gear S2.

Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge on February 21st in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2016.