Vimeo for Android update adds Chromecast support, fixes bugs

Vimeo Android Redesign

Late last year Vimeo released a long overdue update to its Android app. For the most part, it was a great update, helping bring the application inline with the latest design trends on Android, but it was missing a significant feature: Chromecast support.

This afternoon, Vimeo updated its app, adding Chromecast support, as well as a number bug fixes, which is a good thing as the initial release had several notable issues. Vimeo announced the update in its usual style.

“A month after your bday, you receive a card. It serenades you with a 90s slow jam before you slam it shut, mortified. But you smile — because Grandma loves you. *And* because Chromecast has arrived,” says the app’s change log. “Late is better than never, and Vimeo loves you a ton too, and now you can tap the Chromecast icon to seamlessly stream videos to your big screen. We appreciate your patience, pals!”

Download Vimeo for the Google Play Store.

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