Alcatel OneTouch rebrands and is now called just Alcatel

Alcatel OneTouch isn’t a well-known brand in North America when compared to Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, or even Huawei. In an effort to increase brand awareness and connect with a new audience, specifically millennial customers, Alcatel OneTouch has shifted its name to simply be known as Alcatel, and also launched a new logo.

In a statement to MobileSyrup, Alcatel noted it was the “right time to launch the new branding,” and promises this direction will also see the company simplify its message in the marketplace and also streamline its device lineup.

The core demographic of an Alcatel customer is now “college students/young adults, young professionals, and young parents,” says the press release.

Dan Dery, CMO at Alcatel, said, “millennials want to have fun, but they also want those experiences to be simple, meaningful and authentic. Because both quality and price are important to millennials, we feel that Alcatel — with our DNA of making innovation accessible to everyone — is uniquely in tune with their needs.”

Last year, Alcatel become the official smartphone sponsor for Toronto FC and it seems the company will find new ways to attract customers, such as bundling various accessories like customizable covers, as well as offering services like DJ mixing software and a VR headset.