Android ‘N’ settings app may include quick navigation menu

Android 6.0 Marshmallow has been out for a while now, and manufacturers have mostly gotten the update out to their newer phones. As is the case every spring, Google’s developers are now hard at work on the next version of Android, so far codenamed ‘N’. And while we haven’t heard too much about 2016’s major Android release so far, scouring the web for potential evidence of changes and new features is an annual exercise.

In a support document posted to the Android Developers Blog yesterday, a couple of screenshots detailing the implementation of day/night themes in the Android settings app show something not currently implemented in Android Marshmallow. As seen in the top left of the screenshots, there is a hamburger menu in the settings app, presumably allowing quick navigation to different groups of settings without going through the main settings screen.

It’s unclear if this feature will make it into the finished version of Android N, or even exactly how it will be implemented. But that won’t stop Android fans sniffing around looking for hints and clues as to how the next version of Google’s mobile software will wow them this fall.

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