Wind Mobile restructures WINDtab terms and conditions [Update – now in effect]

Wind Mobile

Update – March 22nd: Wind has gone live with its news WINDtab terms and conditions. All the details are below.


Wind Mobile has gone through many changes since acquiring wireless spectrum in 2008. The carrier was recently purchased by Shaw for $2.6 billion, which is still pending approval from Industry Canada, and it seems there will be changes to its plan offerings later this month.

According to Wind Mobile’s terms and condition, its WindTab system will once again be restructured. The WindTab currently operates in a manner that deducts 10 percent of your monthly payment towards the outstanding balance on your account. However, effective March 22nd, Wind will be shedding this strategy to simplify customers’ monthly bills.

“We’ve simplified how WINDtab works. As of your next invoice, WINDtab balances will now decrease by an equal amount each month, and you will be able to make partial payments too. The new monthly WINDtab reduction will be calculated by dividing the remaining WINDtab balance by the number of months until Pay Off Promise,” Wind stated in a note to subscribers.

The new calculation is as follows:
Current WINDtab balance
divided by
Number of months until Pay Off Promise
Monthly amount to be deducted from the total WINDtab balance.

Wind Mobile gave this outline as:

Old calculation:
$40 monthly plan fee x 10% = $4 monthly WINDtab reduction
After 12 months: $4 x 12 = $48 total WINDtab reduction
$250 – $48 = $202 balance owing

New calculation:
$250 ÷ 24 months = $10.42 monthly WINDtab reduction
After 12 months: $10.42 x 12 = $125.04 total WINDtab reduction
$250 – $125.04 = $124.96 balance owing

Overall, it seems that Wind Mobile wants you to upgrade to newer devices faster, especially with handset prices quickly declining.

In addition, Wind stated, “we will check if this change to WINDtab benefits you retroactively, and if so give you a one-time credit towards your existing WINDtab balance.”

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