Google Photos now includes more robust editing tools


Minus a decent auto-edit feature, Google’s otherwise superlative Photos app doesn’t have much in the way of extensive editing tools; it’s one of the few features that didn’t make Photos’ transition from Google+ to standalone app intact. Today, Google is taking a major step towards correcting that issue.

Launching on the app’s web client first, Photos now features a more extensive set of editing tools. Most notably, there’s finally an option to crop photos, including a set of presets that allow the user to change a photo’s aspect ratio to 4:3 or 16:9.

Google hasn’t confirmed whether these new tools will make their way to the mobile app, but given their straightforward nature, it’s probably a good bet they will make their way to mobile eventually.

Like many of Google’s other server side updates, this one is gradually rolling out to users around the world — I haven’t been able to access the new editing tools on my account. As such, check back later in the day if you’re still seeing the same old editing interface.