Feast brings its on-demand food delivery service to Android

On-demand food delivery services in Toronto are a plenty.

UberEat, Ritual, Grabb and Foodora are all vying for your money and real estate space on your smartphone. Most offer similar menu items from various restaurants, but Feast is singling itself out as a winner in its own space.

Toronto-based Feast was started by Steve Harmer with a goal to be a “full-stack food technology company.” While its prices are a couple dollars more, Feast differentiates itself from others as it sources local ingredients, cooks, and delivers its own food.

Feast launched last November on iOS and has now expanded to Android devices running 4.1 or higher. The service offers both lunch and dinner and limits the timing to two schedules. Lunch is served from 11:00am to 1:30pm while dinner hours are 5:30pm to 8:30pm, and Feast does not deliver on weekends.

The app shows big, beautiful pictures of the daily menu with ingredients and how its prepared, such as the Mexican chopped salad, Thai tempeh & wheatberry Salad, vegetarian three bean chili, or the Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry Brownie.

In a previous interview with MobileSyrup, Harmer said, “our food is chef-designed to be higher quality, to work perfectly with our packaging and be the same standard when it left the kitchen until it arrives at your door.”

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