Waze’s biggest update yet is now available on Android

Waze 4.0

After launching on iOS back in October of last year, the latest version of Waze, 4.0, is now available on Android.

The most notable addition this update brings to the app is a refreshed user interface that takes more than a couple of cues from Google’s other navigation app, though strangely doesn’t go all in on the company’s Material Design aesthetic. In fact, if you’ve been using the previous version of Waze for a while now, you may be taken aback by just how more colourful the entire experience is after the update.

Waze 4.0 Android

That said, Waze says it’s main goal going into the redesign was to make the app’s most useful features easier to access. For the most part, the company has accomplished this goal admirably.

For example, tapping the company’s signature now takes the user to the navigation menu, while all the app’s reporting features can be accessed by pressing the floating action button. The app also does a better job now of alerting the user to upcoming traffic obstructions like traffic jams and accidents.

Waze Android 4.0

Last but certainly not least, the update brings with it some new power saving feature. According to the company, Waze 4.0 “significantly” reduces how much battery power the app consumes when in use. All told, Waze 4.0 represents the most significant update to the app since Google acquired it in 2013.

Download the new version of Waze on Android or iOS.

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