Rogers will sell you a Galaxy S7 for $0 — if you meet certain conditions

For those who look for them, there’s no shortage of deals for the Galaxy S7.

Various carriers across our fine land currently have promotions in place to entice consumers to buy a new smartphone  — one of the more notable ones, courtesy of Telus, sees the carrier prepared to give extra data and a three month subscription to Netflix to those whom buy Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone.

Rogers is joining the party by offering the S7 at the ripe price of free, but as always there’s a catch.

New and existing customers can score the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge for significantly less than their sticker price if they sign up for a 2-year share everything plan. However, to do so they’ll need to buy one of the phones from a “Rogers branded retail store locations”.

Moreover, both new and existing customers will need to put some money up first; they’ll get a $225 credit during sometime their second or third invoice.

If you truly want the device for $0, then you’ll also have to trade in an old smartphone, which will net you a $175 trade-in credit. Meeting these two conditions will get you the 32GB GS7 for $0.

If you’re a new customer, you’ll also get an additional $100 in store credit, which means you can get the S7 edge for free.

To recap, to get the Galaxy S7 edge for “free”, you’ll need: a) be a new subscriber b) sign up for a share everything plan at one of the company’s own retail locations c) and bring in a phone that’s valued at $175.

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