Tim Cook says there are now over 1 billion active Apple devices around the world

Apple’s big media event is taking place right now in Cupertino, California and CEO Tim Cook started it off by saying, “normally we don’t take time to look back – Apple’s 40th Birthday is on April 1st.”

The company showcased many products it has released in the past, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and the failed Newton, which is scratched out in the video.

In addition, Apple announced that there are now 1 billion active Apple devices around the world. Unfortunately, the company didn’t provide a break down of those numbers.

During Apple’s recent quarterly earnings, iPhone sales topped 74.78 million units, which represented 68 percent of the company’s sales, up from 56 percent three years ago. In addition, 16.1 million iPads and 5.3 million Macs were sold.

A recent IDC Canada report indicated that Canadians prefer to stay within a given ecosystem, with most specifically using Apple devices.