The iPhone’s best journaling app is available for free until May 1

Day One 2

During the next couple of weeks, iOS users can grab the excellent journaling app Day One 2, currently priced at $6.99 CAD, for free.

The catch is that you can’t get the app for free directly from the iTunes App Store; instead, you’ll need to get it through Apple’s Store app.

Once you’ve got the Apple Store app up and running, head over to the featured section (if you’ve just installed and launched the app, you’ll automatically start in this part of the app); scroll down until you see a small banner advertising that you can get Day One 2 for free; tap on this banner and then tap on “Download now for free”.

Once you hit the prompt, Apple will add a coupon to your Wallet app and you’ll be taken to the App Store app where you’ll be able to exchange the coupon for Day One 2.

Day One 2 will remain free until May 1. Grab it while it’s hot and start journaling.