Google OnHub Field Test shows router covers 6000 sqft in two countries

It’s not often a video primarily set up as a product advertisement is interesting enough to get viewers to watch the whole thing, but there are a few companies who strike just the right balance to make ads fun and engaging.

The two big tech companies pushing mobile technology forward the fastest, Google and Apple, are both particularly adept at making ads with just the right tone.

This week, in the third instalment of Google’s OnHub router Field Test series, the tech giant is showing off the versatility and range of its newest router. The ad poses the question: Can a router give WiFi to two countries at once, and the OnHub is taking on this challenge.

On our southern border, there is a 6000 square foot building straddling the border between Vermont and Quebec called the Haskell Opera House. It houses a library and an opera house, and the building is a perfect test of a router’s power. By the end of the short video, we see that the OnHub does indeed manage to cover the whole space in WiFi, providing free internet access to the community stuck between Canada and the US.

The ad is just the latest showing off the power and intelligence of the OnHub, and you can check out the whole playlist here.