LG G5 South Korean launch day sales three times larger than G4

Even though we weren’t particularly impressed with LG’s G5, it looks like the phone is a resounding success in its home of South Korea, at least at launch.

According to the Korea Herald, LG sold 15,000 G5’s in its first day of sales, a number significantly above the G4’s launch day sales, amounting to a 200% increase. In total, industry analysts predict the G5 will sell 10 million units globally, sales that are comparable to the LG G3.

To meet the high manufacturing demand in South Korea, LG’s manufacturing lines have reportedly been bumped into a 24-hour production cycle.

In comparison, Samsung’s recently released Galaxy S7 and S7 edge shipped 100,000 units in South Korea in its first 48-hour of release.

The reception of LG’s modular G5 has been middling, with some loving the smartphone’s “Friends” accessories, while other are less than impressed with their functionality and performance.

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