Virgin Mobile ditches $25 BYOP plan, reduces cost of plans in Québec

Virgin Mobile has stopped offering its $25 per month Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) plan which included 100 local minutes and unlimited text, but lacked data and voicemail.

The plan, which was on offer last month, was aimed at customers desiring a low-price, minimal-use phone plan. It was removed on April 1 throughout the country, and the lowest BYOP rate plan is now $35 per month for 200 Canada-wide minutes and 100MB of data. In Québec the lowest BYOP plan is $29 per month for 100 minutes and 50MB of data.

The $25 plans likely did not reach the success Virgin Mobile had hoped for because at just $5 more customers could opt to use the company’s $30 prepaid plan, which offered 250 nationwide minutes, unlimited text and voicemail.

In Québec, the company added value to its 2-year contract rate offerings by reducing its BYOP, Silver and and Gold plans for 1GB of data and unlimited nation-wide calling from $42, $47 and $57 respectively to $40, $45 and $55. These plans are of significantly better value in comparison to offers of the same price in the rest of the country. For instance, in Ontario a $45 Silver plan only supplies 200 nationwide minutes and 100MB of data.

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