Google’s new search feature will have you making animal noises

Google has added a barn and a zoo to search.

If you live for the lols, then Google has just released the perfect tool to help you trick your coworkers into thinking there’s a farm animal loose in the office.

The company has added a new set of search cards to Google that allow users to play a variety of animal sound. Search “animal sounds,” for instance, and you can hear a cat meow.

Cats aren’t the only animals here either. You can also summon a dog and an assortment of other farm animals like a sheep, cow and horse. There are also some more unusual selections like a bowhead whale. One hopes Google adds additional animal sounds in the future.

If you’re the less devious sort (or just a responsible adult), you can also use this same functionality to entertain your kid for a couple of minutes.

This functionality isn’t platform specific. I was able to access it on my iPhone 6s, Nexus 5X and Macbook Air without issue, though I think my coworkers are starting to get annoyed at the constant meows and baaas.

Moreover, this adds to the already impressive list of search cards Google is capable of displaying.

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