Apple lets you buy Hermès smartwatch bands separately, adds new colours [Update]

apple watch bands

Update: Apple has officially started selling Hermès bands through its online and retail stores. There are various colours to select and prices start at $410 CAD for the Single Tour Strap; Double Tour Strap for $610; and $890 for the Cuff Strap.


Beginning April 19, you will be able to buy individual Apple Watch Hermès bands in a variety of new colours. Individual bands will be priced at $410 CAD for a Single Tour band, which wraps around your wrist once, and $610 CAD for a Double Tour band, which wraps around your wrist twice. The cuff is the most expensive of the bunch, coming in at $890 CAD.

The bands will be available in existing colour options such as Noir (black), Capucine (red), and Fauve (medium brown), as well as new colour options Bleu Paon (Green), Bleu Saphir (dark blue), Blanc (white) and the iconic Hermès Feu (orange). The complete Hermès system, both watch and band, will now be available for purchase only in the Fauve colour.

Being able to buy these designer bands separately will allow customers to give their lower-tier watches, such as the regular edition Apple Watch, the style of an Apple Watch Hermès without paying full retail price.

For example, a stainless steel Apple Watch with the addition of a Double Tour Hermès band comes to roughly $1,309. This amounts to a savings of $391 when compared to the full $1,700 price tag of the Apple Hermes Double Tour smartwatch.

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