Telus investing $1 billion in Ontario to build out LTE networks, Healthcare and IoT

Coming off announcing a $4.5 billion investment in Alberta, Telus has continued the flow of money into Ontario. Telus will be investing $245 million this year and committed to investing $1 billion through 2019.

Similar to Alberta, the money will be used to improve 4G LTE and LTE-advanced speeds in the province. In addition, Telus will continue to build out its fibre optic connections for its business customers, and expand its healthcare offerings.

Another key area for Telus will be a focus on Internet of Things (IoT) in Ontario, specifically “driving solutions” that will reportedly “enable all sectors to further their global competitive advantage, reduce their environmental impact and increase worker safety.”

From a customer point of view, Telus will continue to shift its stores around to the new design (we did a story on this a few months ago) that will “showcase emerging technology and integrated solutions including consumer health and wellness, the connected home and home entertainment, and the connected car.”

‘By the end of 2019, TELUS will have invested more than $45 billion to provide Ontario citizens businesses, healthcare providers and educators with access to critical next-generation health, education, business and government services and solutions,” said Darren Entwistle, TELUS President and CEO. “The TELUS team is dedicated to helping advance Ontario’s economy by expanding the world’s fastest wireless technologies to more communities across the province, enabling businesses to compete on a local, national and global basis.”

Canada’s second largest wireless carrier with 8.5-million subscribers.