Google Play to launch podcasts on Monday April 18th


Podcasting really is the new radio. On Monday April 18, Google will launch podcasts on Android as well as other platforms.

Google announced that podcasts were coming to Google Play Music back in October. Based on that announcement, Google will recommend podcasts based on what users are currently doing or are interested in.

At the time of the October announcement, over a dozen podcasters were already committed to the service including 5by5, HBO, Nerdist, and StartTalk Radio.

In February 2016, false news of a launch was released when podcaster Bill Simmons tweeted that his Bill Simmons podcast would be available to listeners on Google Play that month.

According to a letter sent from NPR to its media partners, the information is embargoed until Monday. For months, some users have been seeing podcasts go live on Google Play, but it has yet to be opened to all users.

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