LG releases new 360-degree wallpapers to promote 360 Cam

Live Wallpapers may have not caught on with Android Eclair, but if LG has any say in the matter, G5 owners will soon their ditch their boring old two dimensional wallpapers for another type of live wallpaper.

To promote the launch of the LG 360 Cam, one of the G5’s “Friends,” the South Korean company has released 12 360-degree live wallpapers. Available through the company’s SmartWorld web app, the photos were shot by professional photographers and offer G5 owners a glimpse into several exotic locations across the world. LG says it plans to add four new wallpapers each month until the end of November.

Moving one’s G5 or swiping on its home screen alters the perspective of the wallpaper, much like a standard 360-degree photo.

“The G5 is designed to deliver a playful mobile experience to customers and 360-degree imagery is a key part of that experience,” said Chris Yie, vice president and head of marketing communications for LG. “360-degree photography is still in its early stages but we believe it will drive adoption of VR innovation in the mobile space.”

Visit the LG World website to download the wallpapers.

[source]LG[/source][via]Android Police[/via]