Google and FreshBooks earn ‘Best Workplaces in Canada’ distinction

Google, FreshBooks and SoapBox Innovations all have the best workplaces in Canada, according to the Great Place to Work Institute Canada and its annual Best Workplaces in Canada list.

While the specific criteria used to rank the companies that made the list wasn’t disclosed by the institute, the results are based on how Canadian companies — small, medium, large and multinational — can create a culture “where employees TRUST the people they work for, have PRIDE in what they do, and ENJOY the people they work with.”

In addition, for the first time, the report named the best workplace for women. Taking home the prize was Vega, which offers plant-based nutrition in the form of powders, bars and supplements.

Missing from the list are Canadian communication companies. Not one appeared to make the cut, which is somewhat surprising as Quebec-based Videotron was recently named “Québec’s most respected telecommunications company” for the 11th year in a row.