Acer’s new Chromebook to come with Corning’s new Vibrant Gorilla Glass

Late last week, we told you all about Acer’s newest smartphone lineup, convertible Windows 10 laptop, and the new business-focused Chromebook.

While the Chromebook might seem like the least interesting of the announcements, the Chrome OS-powered notebook has at least one cool standout feature.

Most mobile devices these days, from smartphones to tablets, come standard with a strengthened screen made from Gorilla Glass, or similar material. You typically don’t find Gorilla Glass in a laptop, but this rugged 14 inch Chromebook from Acer actually comes with the super-strong panel covering both the screen and the top of the laptop.

Even more interestingly, the top panel comes with a new Vibrant Corning Gorilla Glass, which allows for high resolution, multi-colour images to be printed directly onto the glass itself. Acer’s promotional video for the new notebook shows the printing technology being used to bring a company’s logo or graphic onto a laptop, serving as a permanent and durable identifier.

It’s likely we’ll see more computers, and mobile devices, made with this new glass, perhaps enabling custom printed phone enclosures that will be tough, but without adding bulk to the device. That being said, such customizations will likely be quite pricey until the novelty wears off.