Google hires former Motorola CEO to lead new hardware division

Lenovo let go of several key employees last month, with Motorola President Rick Osterloh being the most notable. Osterloh led the company when it was under Google’s ownership. At the time, Lenovo stated Osterloh’s “steady leadership since Lenovo’s acquisition is appreciated and Lenovo wishes him continued success in the future.”

According to a report in Recode, Osterloh is back on familiar ground and has found a new gig at Google as a senior vice president, specifically reporting to CEO Sundar Pichai and in charge of leading a new hardware product line.

Osterloh will oversee five core areas within Google’s hardware initiatives: Nexus smartphones and its OEM partners, consumer hardware including Chromebook, Chromecast, OnHub home router, ATAP division that creates its modular phone effort and Project Ara, and Glass and Project Aura initiatives.

Google confirmed the hiring of Osterloh and his role also includes a new line of products that are taking direct aim at the “living room,” but there is no indication of how Nest fits into the plan.