Google reportedly developing comprehensive travel app called Trips

Google Destinations

Google may be preparing to launch a new travel guide app, according to Android World.

The Dutch-based website was able to obtain a working version of the app, simply called Trips, through Google’s Local Guides program.

Essentially an all-in-one travel app, Trips curates various travel guides for popular tourist destinations like Barcelona, Paris and Montserrat. The information the app presents is categorized into several sub-heading. A “Getting Around” section, for instance, provides information on local transit, taxis, ride share options and so on, while a “Farther Away” tab includes suggestions on possible side trips. It’s possible to save a city guide to a device’s internal storage, ensuring the information is accessible even when the user is offline or access to wireless data is expensive.

According to Android World, the most interesting part of the guides is that they privilege information from locals. So when the app suggests popular restaurants, it will do pick ones that are popular with locals, not tourists.

When asked by The Next Web to comment on the authenticity of the app, the company declined to confirm or deny if it was working a new travel app.”We love to travel and are hard at work dreaming up new ways to make the travel experience hassle-free,” said a Google spokesperson. “While we do that, sit tight and keep on using our amazing tools like Google Flights, Hotel Search and Destinations on Google to plan your next adventure.”

If all of this looks familiar, it’s because similar functionality is already available via Destinations (pictured above), the mobile-first search tool Google launched back at the start of March.

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