Fenix rises from the ashes, once again available on the Play Store

In an unprecedented move, it appears Twitter has lifted its 100,000 user limit for third-party apps that access its platform.

After being pulled from the Google Play Store earlier in the week because it hit the platform’s user limit, Fenix is back on the Google Play Store and accepting new users.

Fenix’s creator, Matteo Villa, announced his app’s return to the Play Store in a tweet on Thursday.

In a subsequent tweet in conversation with Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii, Villa said he didn’t foresee a situation where he would be forced to take his app down from the Play Store again.


It’s not clear if Villa was granted a one-time exception to the policy, or if other developers like Tapbots, the studio behind the iPhone’s standout Twitter client, Tweetbot, are no longer subject to the policy either.

When Twitter first introduced the token system in 2012, it drove many third-party developers away from the then growing platform. Whatever the reason for this decision, it’s a marked change from the company’s previous policy toward developers.

Download Fenix from the Google Play Store.

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