Ontario is investing $20 million in public EV charging stations in 2017

The Ontario government has been ahead of the curve in trying to adapt to the probable revolution looming in car transportation, with initiatives allowing self-driving vehicles to be tested in the province, and a $325 million Green Investment Fund working to reduce the effects of climate change through meaningful, environmentally-friendly initiatives.

This week, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation announced that a $20 million grant program has been created from the Green Investment Fund to build 500 electric vehicle charging stations across Ontario next year. The Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario will provide 27 public and private sector groups with funds to create a network of charging stations in places where they’re needed most.

Transportation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario, with cars accounting for more atmospheric pollution than iron, steel, cement and chemical industries combined. Currently, there are 6,400 electric vehicles on Ontario’s roads, but with the industry slowly moving toward hybrid and electric models, that number will be growing quickly in the next few years.

The province has set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emission levels to just 20 percent of 1990 pollution levels by 2050. Making recharging stations more accessible across the province will mean owning an electric vehicle as opposed to a gas-powered one is that much easier.