Google Keyboard adds one-handed mode, gesture typing and more in latest update

Last week, Google updated its camera app, adding a refined user interface and new features to the stock Android photography app.

One week later, the company has just dropped a major update for another one of its core apps. This time, Google has released a new version of its keyboard app, adding a host of new features that may even have some SwiftKey users rethinking their decision to switch.

The most notable addition this update brings with it is a one-handed typing mode. This feature is activated by long pressing on the comma button, as well as via the app’s setting’s menu. Once activated, switching between right and left-handed typing modes is done via an arrow key to the side of the keyboard.

One major rework included in this update comes via the app’s gesture typing functionality. Instead of displaying suggestions on top of the what the user is drawing, the app now displays them exclusively through the suggestions pane located above the keyboard proper. The user can delete a suggested word – all at once – by swiping left on the delete key.

On the interface side of things, Google has added the option for users to choose between bordered and borderless keys. However, likely as a result of this addition, the company has removed the option to use the two old Holo themes. Users can now also change the height of the entire keyboard via the app’s setting menu.

Last but not least, when typing in a password, the suggested words pane will be replace with a numbered row, making it easier to input a password that incorporates both letters and numbers.

As with all the company’s other major updates, this upgrade to Google Keyboard is rolling out gradually to users across the world. Those willing to side-load the update, can do so by downloading it from APK Mirror.

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