Opera brings private internet access to iOS with free VPN app

opera vpn

Opera today launched a new virtual private network (VPN) iOS application called Opera VPN, giving users more control over their internet privacy, masking their device’s IP address as well as its geographical location.

Along with increased internet browsing security, Opera’s new iOS VPN proxy feature also allows users to access different regions of Netflix and avoid advertisers sometimes invasive ad-tracking cookies. Netflix, however, has cracked down on proxy applications, so it’s unclear if Opera’s VPN app has been blocked yet.

Similar to Opera’s previous VPN offerings, the app utilizes the US-based SurfEasy VPN service acquired by Opera last March. What separates Opera’s new offering from SurfEasy’s app is that it doesn’t feature a paid subscription tier. Opera says it has no plans to charge a subscription fee for its new VPN app, though the company has hinted that ads could be coming to the app at some point in the future.

Currently Opera’s iOS VPN app supports five different regions: Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, the UK and the US. The app’s release also marks the first free VPN app for iOS from a well-known app developer.

The desktop version of Opera also features a free VPN.

Download Opera VPN for iOS.