Microsoft’s Sunrise calendar app will stop functioning on August 31


Microsoft will soon completely shutter Sunrise, the original team behind the popular calendar app announced today.

The app will be removed from both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store within the next few days, and will stop functioning completely on August 31.

“Unfortunately, as all good stories go, there’s a sad bit to it: we’re not able to support and update Sunrise anymore. No new features. No bug fixes. For us, that’s the definition of a lousy app and it’s not a user experience we want to leave you with,” says a new blog post on the Sunrise website.

The news comes should come hardly as a surprise; we’ve known since late last year Microsoft planned to shut down the app at some point, though the good news is that many of Sunrise’s best features will live on in Outlook. In the same update it announced the shutdown, the Sunrise team said it’s hard at work helping beef up Outlook’s calendar features.

“As heartbreaking as this sounds, we’re hard at work bringing the magic of Sunrise to the Outlook apps, with all your most loved features – interesting calendars, event icons and calendar apps. We’re confident you’ll be able to find our special touch there too.”

Still, it’s hard to see a great app bite the dust.