Google’s Amazon Echo competitor is reportedly called ‘Chirp’

A new report stemming from Recode indicates that Google could be working on its own Amazon Echo-like standalone voice assistant called ‘Chirp.’

According to speculation, the device will operate similarly to the Echo, only with significant search and Google voice recognition, possibly even with Gmail integration, allowing users to search through their email via voice. Visually it looks very similar to the company’s OnHub router that was set to launch earlier this year.

Other than this small amount of information, not much is known about the Chirp yet. It’s expected that the device will, however, work with Nest products.

Unfortunately rumours indicate that we won’t be getting our first glimpse at this device during I/O next week. Instead, it seems like Google will be ready to discuss Chirp later this year.

While Amazon’s Echo isn’t officially available in Canada, there are ways for Canadians to get their hands on the device. We recently picked one up on a trip to San Francisco and we’ll have a story focused on how the Echo works (and doesn’t work) in Canada in the coming weeks.