Google’s new iOS keyboard just launched in the US and it’s revolutionizing mobile search

Google's Mountain View Office

In case iOS users thought they were being left out from all of Google’s latest mobile innovations – such as the in-app translate feature for Android – Google launched an entirely new iPhone app today in the US that radically simplifies mobile search.

The “Gboard” is an iOS-only keyboard app that allows users to complete google searches inside whatever app they are currently using.

As Google points out in today’s blog post announcing the launch, the multi-step process of leaving an app to google something, copy it and then return to paste it is needlessly convoluted.

This keyboard simplifies the process by adding a search button on the top left-hand corner of the keyboard. When users tap that button a google search pane opens up in which they can type their query. The results can then be inserted in to the message with another single tap.

The search function also extends to gifs and emojis, and the keyboard features “Glide Typing,” in the manner of SwiftKey.

The only bad news in this announcement for Canadian iPhone users? It’s currently only available in the US. Google has been assuring its Canadian Twitter followers that it will roll out to more countries within the coming weeks, however.

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