Rogers Galaxy Note 5 now expected to receive Marshmallow update May 31

Note 5

Rogers customers with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have been patiently waiting for the update to Marshmallow.

Several carriers, including Bell, Telus and Wind Mobile have pushed the update to its customers, while Note 5 owners on Rogers have been faced with numerous delays. Rogers does state on its OS Update Schedule page that, “Making sure these dates are accurate is our top priority. Sometimes, things change beyond our control; so all dates listed are subject to change. Thanks for understanding.”

Last week, Rogers listed the Note 5 to receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow on May 25th. Unfortunately, this date has now moved to the end of the month to May 31st.

In addition, Galaxy S5 owners are still on track for Marshmallow to arrive on May 25th.

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