Google’s rumoured voice assistant ‘Google Home’ could be revealed at I/O 2016

Earlier this week we learned that Google’s often-rumoured Amazon Echo voice-activated assistant would likely be called Chirp, but additional speculation indicates the still unannounced device is poised to be named “Google Home.”

The report stemming from The New York Times doesn’t specify what form the device will take, only referring to it as a “voice activated home device,” though an Amazon Echo-like speaker is likely a reasonable guess.

What’s perhaps more interesting however, is we may not have to wait long for our first glimpse of the device. The latest rumours indicate Google plans to reveal its voice-activated assistant at I/O 2016 on May 18th. Furthermore, taking a page directly from Amazon’s playbook, as well as Alphabet’s recent efforts to open improve overall Nest compatibility, Google Home will likely allow third-party developers to build various integrations with its platform.

Amazon’s Echo along with its Alexa voice assistant, which aren’t available in Canada, are known for being compatible with a variety of smart home devices, bridging the gap between various smart home platforms.

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