Apple hires wireless charging experts, could be aiming to make a breakthrough in the field

According to reports, Apple has recently hired several wireless charging experts, leading to speculation that the tech giant may be working on a way to improve wireless charging methods currently on the market.

The Verge discovered via LinkedIn that Apple has hired more than a dozen new staff with expertise in wireless charging technology over the last two years. The most recent hires the publication uncovered are two former employees of uBeam, a wireless charging startup that proposes the use ultrasound waves as a wireless charging solution. Lately, that technology has been cast in doubt after a disgruntled former employee blogged that what uBeam hopes to achieve is not possible due to the basic laws of physics.

The use of ultrasound waves is not the only method for wireless charging currently being tested, however. Companies Ossia and Energous are also working on solutions. According to its patents, Ossia utilizes microwaves, while Energous says it uses radio frequencies. The aim of both is to allow users to charge their devices in a contact-less manner within an approximate 30-foot radius.

Its unclear what technology Apple might be testing. In fact, the company has not given any public indication that it is working on a wireless charging solution — apart from the technology featured in the Apple Watch.

Bloomberg, however, reported in January 2016 that according to its inside sources, Apple is working with partners in the U.S. and Asia to develop new wireless charging technology that could be deployed as soon as next year. The article also referenced a 2015 patent outlining a method for making aluminum phone casings radio waves are able to pass through

In the past, Phil Schiller, Apple Senior vice president, has conveyed the fact that Apple isn’t interested in creating a wireless charging mat or puck, like the one Samsung recently launched, stating: “Having to create another device you have to plug into the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated.”

At the very least, all signs seem to be pointing to the fact that if Apple is working on a wireless charging solution, it’ll be one that aims to differentiate it from the pack.

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