Google will create its own Daydream virtual reality headset

Contrary to earlier reports, it looks like Google plans to sell its own Daydream headset and Bluetooth controller, through a manufacturing partnership, similar to how the company currently develops its Nexus line of devices.

While current Android smartphone manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and Alcatel are signed on to create Daydream certified VR headsets and devices, Google plans to show these companies how it’s done by creating its own line of headsets and controllers.


Similar to Google Cardboard, Daydream does not contain its own internal hardware and instead relies on specially certified smartphones created by other manufacturers. Google is already reportedly in the process of certifying both Daydream headsets and smartphones from various manufacturing partners.

Daydream-ready smartphones will need to meet a stringent set of requirements outlined by Google. They’ll need to feature low latency, sustained performance, Android N’s built-in VR user interface and head tracking, according to Google’s VR presentation today at I/O 2016. Google’s Daydream controller features a clickable touchpad, motion sensors and a “Home” and “apps” button. All Daydream headsets will also be required to feature two build-in buttons.


Google’s Daydream platform and devices will reportedly be available in November 2016.

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