Videotron Mobile announces new Canada-US Without Borders plans

Videotron has introduced new Canada-US Without Border plans that allow subscribers to use their plans in the U.S. at no extra charge for up to 90 days per year.

There are four different plans, all of which include unlimited nation-wide calling and text, with varying levels of data. There’s a 2GB plan for $65.95  per month, 3GB plan for $75.95 per month, 5GB for $85.95 and 6GB for $95.95.

The plans are available to customers subscribed to Videotron’s mobile service as well as customers subscribing to Videotron’s Residential Mobile service with a 24-month agreement. The fine print also notes that the plan refers to the Continental U.S., so Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska are not included.

This offer appears to be available for a limited-time, with the website warning that subscribers should sign up before July 12th to take advantage of the plans. The plans also include unlimited calling to the US from Canada and Unlimited Music, Videotron’s service that gives users unlimited music streaming on many popular music apps without touching a user’s data allotment.

The plans might not include that feature for long, however, considering Unlimited Music is “zero-rating” data, which CRTC has disallowed in the past.

Update: A reader has alerted us that the offer is also available for BYOD plans of 2GB and over.

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