Twitter may be testing an automatic night mode for its Android app

Twitter has been known to stay quiet about its A/B testing, and this time is no exception. The social media company is rumoured to be testing a new night mode with the latest version of its Android app.

Night mode was introduced as part of Android Support Library 23.2 in February. The API allows developers to easily add a night mode, a feature that alters the look of an app based on the time of the day and the user’s location, to their app.

Twitter’s night mode swaps out its white background for a dark blue colour. 9to5Google reports that the app reverts back to a white, day mode in the morning. Furthermore, there doesn’t currently appear to be an option to manually switch off the feature.

The social media company has yet to even announce the Material Design rework of its Android app (something door users are seeing in another A/B test), but it looks like it’s night mode might be bundled in with that redesign.

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