Additional details on ‘Telus Device Checkup’

Earlier this week we informed you of a recent trademark filing by Telus called ‘Telus Device Checkup.’ The description noted that the service will provide “technical support services in the form of troubleshooting and diagnostics of mobile phones and tablets.” We now have additional details for you.

The Telus Device Checkup program will be part of its existing repair program, which is called Telus Repair Program, but will be renamed to “Telus Device Checkup” in the coming weeks. According to Telus, the reason for the shift is to more encompass “our full repair offering.”

In March, as part of its repair program, Telus unveiled a diagnostic tool that gave customers a report about how their device is functioning. With the new branding of the Device Checkup, Telus reps will now simply go a step further after their device has been repaired or replaced and conduct a follow-up to get feedback and ensure the phone is working as expected.

Telus has over 8,387,000 wireless subscribers and reported wireless operating revenues of $1.716 billion in Q1 2016.